Happy Hunger Games

"And may the odds be ever in your favor!

Sunday, December 30, 2012


      Here's a post to all of my Hunger Games loving viewers who are on Google+. I have decided to branch out on to Google+ in order to get more viewers (my viewers are going down more every day!    :(!) On Google+ I am Cupcakes Rule and my profile pic is of Rue's death. (Don't hate me for that! I love Rue as much, maybe more, than the next Hunger Games obsessive fan, and YES I did cry, or more like bawl my eyes out when I read and saw it in the Hunger Games books and movie. So don't hate me for doing that.)
       Also on Googe+ I have a community called Hunger Games Fans Only! and it is public so you can get on whenever you want. On there YOU  can post Hunger Games pics and more! This is where I will want you to do your contest entries.
                                                                   Happy Hunger Games!
~ The Hunger Games Girl