Happy Hunger Games

"And may the odds be ever in your favor!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

December 2012's Contest

This month there will be two contests one will be worth more HG points than the other.

Contest #1
         Make a Hunger Games Christmas Pic
    1st Place: 50 HG points
    2nd Place: 30 HG points
    3rd Place: 10 HG points

Contest #2
          Take a Hunger Games video or pics and collide it with a Christmas song.
1 Rule though. It has to go along with the song example of wrong (Song) " Rudolph the red nose reindeer had a very shiny nose!" (Pic) Katniss running through the forest. Good example: (Song) Deck the halls with boughs of holly!" (Pic) Glimmers "decked out" interview dress. Got it?

Prize: 1st Place 100 HG points
           2nd Place 50 HG points
           3rd Place 25 HG points

                           Thanks in advance for participating!
                                      ~ The Hunger Games Girl