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"And may the odds be ever in your favor!

Monday, October 06, 2014

Thank You So Much!!!!!

Oh. My. Gosh. I just looked at how many people have read this blog, and it is over 9,000!!!! Even now as I write this post I can see that there are 10 people on the blog at the moment! I've felt like doing this for a while, but now I guess I kind of have a reason. May I present you with....the ultimate history of The Hunger Games Rule blog.

In 2012 I started The Hunger Games Rule (originally entitled The Hunger Games Rules!) after finishing The Hunger Games and falling in love. After creating the blog I made pages for all of the original tributes, which were deleted after I finished Catching Fire and realized there was another Hunger Games book.  Back then I had a monthly contest with HG points. (which I don't remember ever using or anybody participating in aside from a few of my friends. I did a lot of posts with just pictures in 2012 and also song parodies. (which I still do) Towards the end of 2012 I started having a few people work on my blog. Two people (both friends from my school) stepped up and joined the blog. The only one that is still here today is Jonah. In 2013 I feel like the blog grew a lot.  Jonah began his Minecraft Hunger Games, Jonah and I started livestreaming, and my writing style became a bit more like it is now. And then we come to 2014. In 2014 we began our Social Medias. (Which also started the current stat war. #jonahhasnostats) Finally, in 2014 our blog reader EXPANDED big time. So thanks for helping with that by reading this! Remember that at the bottom of the blog you can follow and contact us! On the side bar you can check out all the bloggers personal pages on this blog, use the contact page to email one of us, look at some pics (most of which are from 2012) or apply to become a blogger on this blog.

Love y'all,
Katniss Stone

Challenge: Mockingjay Photoshop Quote Contest

So I'm sure you've all seen all of the Mockingjay teasers and trailers. In this challenge all you photoshop people can use your skills and use gif / images from the MOCKINGJAY (not Catching Fire or Hunger Games) trailer and add a quote from the Mockingjay book. To submit your project go to The Hunger Games Fans Only! page on Google+ and add your submission in the Contest tab. Rewards for completing this challenge will be a follow on Google+ and a mention in a post. Rewards for having the best image in this challenge are a follow on Google+ a mention, your picture, and the picture you made in 5 posts.

Have fun!,
Katniss Stone