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"And may the odds be ever in your favor!

Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Srsly tho

       I'm going to be brutally honest here; this blog sucks. I know it, you know it. When I first started the blog I had more time to think of creative ideas, and way less news that I should be sharing. In fact, in my stats, all of my most popular posts are from 2012. Let's be honest, when a fifth grader starts a blog, they can keep up because they have little homework, no relationships, and very simple schedules. Well, when that fifth grader, a few years later as a seventh grader tries to keep up with that blog along with the help of her "friend-ish" person, there will be conflicts. For example, being in pre-algebra and having four hours of homework each night, or having a girlfriend. Jonah and I are very busy. Jonah has another blog, and his YouTube reputation to upkeep, and I have four hours of homework each night, along with two other blogs, a writing career, and social media to keep up with, With all that we both have, being able to post and livestream is incredibly hard. Especially when Jonah doesn't have a microphone or webcam yet.
        Now this is the part where you come in, my dear reader. You see, this may be your first post, in which case, sorry for wasting your time, you may proceed now, or this may be a return post. If you are here for the latter, then this applies to you. Our readers are very important. They know what they want, and some might even wish to post on this blog. Well, if you are skilled in writing, communicating, or even being used to bounce ideas off of, then you can apply. Please go to the apply now! tab on the blog. Once you are done, it will send an email to us and let us know to check it. I can promise you that there is an 93.7% chance you will be chosen.

      Thanks for reading; And may the odds be ever in your favor
                              Katniss Stone