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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Christmas Blogtacular Day Five

       Now that school is quickly coming  to a close for winter break, I've wondered what school would be like in the Hunger Games, and if they got off for Christmas. 
      I think that they would not get a break for Christmas, from what I remember, Katniss never discusses any major holidays celebrated. However, I still feel like writing about school in the Hunger Games. In nearly all of the districts, school seems to be treated normally, if anything even more boring and less educational than our current system.  Tomorrow, or possibly day seven I will be writing from two different points of views in short stories. If you'd like you can write a prompt and put it on our community.
1.  Write from the point of view of a teenager in the Capitol going to school.
2. Write from the point of view of a career at training school. 
Thanks for reading!
Katniss Stone