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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Christmas Blogtacular Day One

       Okay, minor detail before we begin: I may have forgotten to tell Jonah about the 12 day countdown. And also the fact that today is the beginning of it. So depending on where you live, this may be on the 11th day not 12th until Christmas. 

      Anyways, today marks 12 days until Christmas, and I promised you a blogtacular countdown where I don't get the flu and am unable to post. So here it is! Today's blog post is about a topic that's a tiny bit dated, but I wanted to post about it all the same. Today's post is about The Hanging Tree song.
      Now, The Hanging Tree song in the Mockingjay movie was the best ever. I was so emotional, and each time I listen to the song it moves me and makes me feel empowered. Here's the song if you haven't heard it:

      Just... fantastic isn't it? Now, if I were to tell you that this had a radio edit, what would you expect? Let me tell you what I expected and see if our expectations meet: The same song, maybe a little remixed, with some piano or drum in the background. This, however is what I did not expect:

       It starts off with the track sped up a bit. Okay, you're thinking, it's not bad. WAIT WHAT IS HAPPENING NOW THIS IS NOT THE HANGING TREE! This sounds like a song you would hear at a club or a cheesy pop song that is way over played. NO. I don't want this as a song. NO.  I'm actually a little bit impressed by the way the ending is cut, but I still don't like this as a song.
      I think you've kind of got my opinion by now: this song ruins the actual song. Now, I actually have found that some people think it's better, so if that's your opinion, then, I guess I'll have to live with it; but here's why I feel this way:
       I think The Hanging Tree is not popular because it is catchy. Yes, that may factor into its popularity a little bit, but mostly I think The Hanging Tree is popular because it is empowering. It inspires people to take down the capitol and fight for their opinions. I mean in the book it's a song Katniss' father used to sing before she realized it's a song about a dead man asking his lover to join him, for goodness sake! To quote Hypable:
 This song is not popular because people are dying to get their groove on to it at Club Catniss. It’s not intended for when you’re in the car on the way to work, either.
 This song is intended to inspire and empower, if you want it to mean anything outside of the movie. Do you agree that the remake it worse, or do you think the remake makes it ten times better? Tell us in the comments!

And may the gifts be many under your tree,
Katniss Stone
(P.S. Shouldn't Rudolph be glad he wasn't asked to join the reindeer Hunger Games?)