Happy Hunger Games

"And may the odds be ever in your favor!

Thursday, October 03, 2013

Dumb Ways to Die: Hunger Games!

Here is my version of Dumb Ways to Die. This is the first time I'm writing it, so this is just the rough draft.

BTW - (words that I type) = my notes. = NOT PART OF THE SONG!

Set fire to yourself.  (Even If you are the girl on fire)
Poke a stick at an angry Cato.
Eat nightlock even though you've trained. (I mean seriously Foxface! You trained in plants!)
Use your ally as Marvel bait

Dumb ways to die ........ (I'm going to skip this part and put a star there instead.)

Run into the *fun* bloodbath.
Eat careers food as a yummy snack
Jump off of the platform to soon.
Let out a loud sigh with careers under you.


Invite a career inside
Take Cato's knife. (GO RUE!)
Start a fire on the first day
Use the cornucopia as a hiding place.


Keep a mutant dog as a pet.
Say you hate the capitol on the internet.
Sit by Effie and be really rude
Seneca better not wander what that red button do.


Score an eleven during training sessions,
Disturb some tracker jackers for no good reason

Kill Rue with a spear when your right by Katniss
Threaten the capitol that you'll hurt them
Run across the street in a clear view
They may not rhyme but their possibly the:
Dumbest ways to die